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Dolmenler Chair


Dolmenler Chair has established as the third generation in 2020 that founded by A.Avni Dolmen as ADAS Chair in 1971. We have our nickel-plated facility, paint facility, CNC machines, qualified upholsterer team and also our professional machinery and equipment which products are produced in-house indepentently. We operate our products within a 4.000 m² production facility in İzmir,Turkey.

As DOLMENLER Chair, we produce including contemporary design and durable chair, table, garden furniture, and any type of customized furniture products for cafes, restaurants, as well as homes, etc which is made of wood, metal, or aluminum that is high quality with expert worker team. We collaborate with architects, our dealers, and the export network to progress our collections to deliver to our customers.

As DOLMENLER Chair, we aim to grow day by day by adopting principles of timely delivery and reliable products with our collaborators that are worldwide and our dealers throughout Turkey.

Our quality brings happiiness to our customers.

A.Avni Dolmen